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WCTI Partners initiates new consulting activity

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Since September 2018 WCTI Partners, Inc. has started to implement a new organizational approach based on its expertise on investment advisory and management. WCTI Partners acts henceforth as an investment firm providing investment advisory and fund management services to private equity and venture capital funds such as a newly formed venture capital fund based in the United States and European special limited partnership, Sagona Europe Equity SLP, that will invest both in seed and early-stage companies respectively in the United States and in Europe.

WCTI Partners and Didier Dippe, founder and CEO, can concentrate now on developing long-term relationships with any players that bring value to startups and tech companies based on mutual understanding, interest and benefit. Since 2016 WCTI Partners has been working on creating hubs designed to help tech companies increase opportunities to find new markets and to ensure a soft landing in the United States and in Europe. So we are open to discuss these matters with potential partners. So let connect to each other and to improve our impact on this new technological turn.

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